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Next, they've updated the software to more accurately detect the baby and the baby's breathing.I had really thought it wasn't possible because it really was so bad at first. It perfectly tells me when my son is awake and when he's moving and it actually locks onto his breathing and tracks it. So I would say that it is a higher price but it's not just a camera, you're also getting some really cool software that really actually works to help protect your baby.

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Meet Cocoon Cam, the most advanced baby monitor in the world.

More than just a video monitor, Cocoon Cam connects to your smartphone and uses computer vision technology to deliver breathing monitoring, instant alerts and hd video & sound.

It even works when baby is swaddled, or under a blanket. They aren't very accurate, but i just turned them off.

You get real time visualization of baby's breathing rate, a never-before-seen look at your baby's vitals. Cocoon Cam is the most advanced baby monitor in the world. And the cord is far to short to put it somewhere to get a good shot. My one big complaint is that there are like no instructions for it.

No wearables to lose or choke on, and nothing to irritate baby's sensitive skin.

Monitor from anywhere Cocoon Cam works anywhere your phone has an internet connection, so you can stay connected to baby whether you're down the hall, across town, or miles away.

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More than just a video monitor, Cocoon Cam connects to your smartphone or tablet and uses cutting-edge computer vision technology to deliver hospital-level breathing monitoring, instant alerts, and sophisticated sleep analytics. It really does need an extension cord to get it up high enough. There is a tiny sheet about setting it up on your phone, but that's it. And it is awesome, but I would love more info on how to use it. I leave the sound on when my son is taking a nap, but it will turn itself off a lot.

Our proprietary technology was developed with the help of doctors and has been tested in hospital NICUs including Stanford University and UC San Diego, so you can trust it to keep your baby safe, healthy and sleeping well. 1 mounting kit including two screws and drywall anchors. They recommend getting the whole crib in the camera shot, but it's too zoomed in and has too short of a cord to do that. There's nothing on how to use all the features or what they mean or anything. Today, he was taking a nap and I checked my phone and saw that he was screaming like crazy but the sound wasn't coming out.

However since the day we’ve set it up we’ve had issues with the camera/app.

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