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Dan Mc Kenzie wrote the first paper defining the principles of plate tectonics, and his early work on mantle convection created the modern discussion of planetary interiors.

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Current research activities embrace plate tectonics, global palaeogeography, the nature of Wilson cycle tectonics, absolute plate motion reference frames, linking surface and deep mantle processes, hotspots, large igneous provinces, and supercontinental assembly and dispersal.

He is engaged in software development linked to global databases.

Trodde väl aldrig det var möjligt att hitta någon på det här sättet, men det har jag gjort. Vill härmed säga upp mitt medlemskap här på 50 plus.“ Läs hela artikeln Hej på er o god fortsättning.

Plöstligt får jag energi att se till att saker blir gjorda, ev drömmar förverkligas.

B5-01: Numerical Simulation for geological underground utilization… A4-01: Large-scale geodynamic modelling of mantle flow A4-03: Properties of Earth Materials A4-05 Archean environments and ecosystems A6-03: Ocean Gateways – Arteries of Tectonic-Climate A6-07: Glacial tectonics: from push moraines… B1-02: Rock and Fluids Properties and Interactions…

B6-01: Cements, Ceramics and glasses C5: Probing and Monitoring the Earth by Scientific Drilling C6: 3D Geology and Geoinformation – Modelling, Data Storage and Distribution Poster Social Tuesday for the following Sessions: A1-06: Subduction systems – missing link between… A1-04: Mountain building on the scale of grains and atoms A2-01: Plate tectonics… B1-03: Shales and Coals: Source and reservoir for oil and gas…

A5-02: Major environmental changes in Earth history: short- and long-term trends A6-01: Tectonic and climatic imprints on the evolution of landscapes A6-02: The Sediment Factory: Tectonic and Climatic Forcing of Erosional …

A6-05: Quaternary Environmental Changes and Sediment Dynamics A7-01: Geomaterials as indicators for Earth's light element cycles A7-02: Structure, dynamics and properties of silicate melts and magma B2-01: Marine ore deposits B2-02: Terrestrial ore deposits B2-03: Scenarios for the Raw Material Supply of the Far Future B4-01/-02 Topography, Climate and Human Habitat B4-03: Transforming the Geo-Biosphere by Humanity: Agriculture… B6-02: Archaeometry, monument conservation B6-03/04/05 Energy, materials, and minerals for technical C1/C2 Advances in material characterization C4: Young Sedimentologists C3: Earth Science Informatics for a Dynamic...

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