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This is named Amy's World, formerly known as Amy Lee33 two.

Amy helped Stampy build buildings and minigames in Stampy's Lovely World on some episodes.

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I kind of gave her crap on the internet saying 'don't go see her, she'll cancel the show,' but I guess she was sick for real, so" When asked whether it was difficult to date such a funny person, Ziggler claimed to enjoy the challenge.

She joined You Tube around July 2013, and made her first You Tube channel.

Her most notable contribution in the Lovely World are the Lovely Jubbley Love Love Petals (Roses). Some of his notable appearances are in Amy's pilot episode where they play games in the Funland, and Amy's birthday video. In December 2013, when Stampy's channel was taken out by Google and You Tube, she started a petition to help protest their decision. She has pink eyebrows and three shades of blue for iris. And her pink hair at the back of her skin ends in a light blue hair tie. As "Hermione Lee33", she wears dark grey dress with black witches hat and no hairband-like tiara. People in bold are the ones who often appear in Stampy's channel.

In the episode Lovely Jubbley, she planted the first rose at the Funland. People that are not indicated are the ones who do not appear often in Stampy's channel.

Like, I don't know how How does she And, but otherwise, we're buddies.

She's so funny and I was a fan of hers and we She was supposed to do a show in Phoenix [Arizona] and she cancelled. Like, usually, I'm the killer funny one and I'm like, 'ah, she's funnier than me?

record label Wind-up Records they changed their name to Seether – due to their previous name sounding like the lethal nerve agent sarin gas.

was released in August 20, 2002, and produced the U. Seether delayed recording their second album, choosing instead to re-record their acoustic balled "Broken" as an epic string-enhanced, electric ballad duet with Amy Lee.

It all started in 2007 when Mc Lawhorn replaced guitarist John Le Compt in Evanescence.

He was with the band through their tour for ‘The Open Door.' While the band went through some down time, Mc Lawhorn joined Seether as their touring guitarist and eventually was invited into the band as their permanent lead guitarist.

Shaun Morgan began a stint in rehab for treatment of "a combination of substances" in August 2007 on the same day his ex-girlfriend Amy Lee's band, Evanescence, released "Call Me When You're Sober" – a song she wrote about Morgan – to rock radio stations. Mainstream Rock Charts and Modern Rock Charts for at least nine weeks.

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