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effects of workplaceconditions, background characteristics, and teacher compensation. Zahiri, R., (2013) industrial application of fuzzy logic and neural networks, 2001, Ayzairan Institute Press, 107 During the recent three decades, China has a high economic growth and this progress hadn’t been realized unless by the policies of communist party.

Ashrafi, KH, Shafipour Motlagh, Majid, Bokhar Arabi, B, Ghasemi, Laden, (2009) predicted a rise in temperature due to climate change in Iran using neural networks, NWP Conference, 80, Institute of Meteorology, Tehran B. W, MC clendon, G, Hoogeboom, (2009) Artifical neural networks for automated year- round temperature prediction, computers and Electronics in Ag ricul-ture,68,52-61. H, (2000) temperature prediction using fuzzy time series, IEEE TRAWS sactions on systemes, man, and CYBERNEtics,2,30. F, Timmermans, J, chen, X, Hunger shoefer, k, Roe beling, R, Schroder, M, schulz, J,stammes, P, wang, p,wolters, E, (2014) first results of the earth observation water cycle multi-mission observation strategy (wacmos), International Journal of Applied Earth observation and Geol imformation,26,270-285. Bakhtiari Ali (2005), "China Economic Review", Political-economic information, No. Guo, Baogang (2003), "Political Legitimacy and China's Translation", Journal of Chinese Political Science, no.

One hundred forty lecturers both male and female participated in the survey by responding to the research questionnaires.

Through the comparative study between China and Rwanda we aimed to find out differences and similarities in terms of factors and levels of lecturers’ motivation and job satisfaction. Factors Associated with Job Satisfaction among University Teachers in Northeastern Region of China: A Cross- Sectional Study.

The results indicate that the fuzzy neural network with genetic algorithm capable of more and high accuracy to predict the minimum and maximum daily temperature and monthly than usual statistical methods as temperatures with reasonable accuracy predict with a confidence level of 90%. Agha Moradi, Bisotoni, O, (2015) present a hybrid model based on genetic algorithms and artificial neural network to measure the credit risk of customers real Bank of Tejarat (branch of Tehran), University of Arak Ahmadi, Ismail, (2003), classified Bushehr precipitation changes using model-based self-organizing neural networks ANN (SOM) Master thesis, University of Teacher Education, Department of Geography. W, MCC lendon, G, H hoogenboom, (2006) Improving air temperature pre-diction with artificial neural net worles, Intelligence 3 ,179-186. Kia, M., 2008, neural networks in MATLAB, publications Qian green computer Mehdi Ebrahimi, Sh, Bashari Seghale, M, (2011) modeling and prediction of monthly discharge current case study River, the fourth Iran Water Resources Management, Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran Rahim Zadeh, F., (2011), Statistical Methods in Meteorological Studies, Tehran, 1 Rahimzada, F, Asghari, Ahmad, (2004) a view on the difference between the minimum and maximum rate of increase in temperature and decrease in diurnal temperature range in Geographical Research, 2, 155 Shakiba, Hanieeh, (2013), to examine and forecast annual and monthly minimums studied using artificial neural networks Karaj shyi, mch, senior , M, Jeng, R. Awakening giants, feet of clay: assessing the economic rise of China and India. Gungwu, Wang, Yongnian, Zheng (2003), Damage Control: the Chinese Communist Party in Jiang Zemin Era, Singapore, Eastern University Press. Heywood, Andrew (2000), a review on political ideologies, translated by Mahmoud Rafiei Mehrabadi, Tehran: foreign minister Hodgson, G.

The neuro-fuzzy model, in the period (2014-2008) in estimating the minimum was trained and the maximum temperature is conducted using a genetic algorithm in 945 years. W, Mc clendon, G, Hoog en Boom, R, Ramyaa, (2003) prediction of frost for fruit protect tian using artificial neural networks, American society of Agricaltural Engineers, ASAE paper, 3073-3075. Ih shaish, H, cortes, A, senar, M, A, (2012) paraller multi-level Genetic Ensemble for mumerical wather prediction Enhancement, procedia computer science, 9,270-285. Franklin, Allen (2006), China's Financial System: Past, Present and Future, Wharton school, University of Pennsylvania press.

Monthly and daily statistical model inputs of signals in the area of climate and sunshine period (2014-2008) and output data minimum and maximum temperature. Evolvability of Natural and Artifical systems, the European future technologies conference and Exhibition, 73-76. Finkelestin, David and Kivelehman, Maryana (2003), China’s Leadership in the 21s Century, the Rise of the Fourth Generation, Armonk, London.

For this purpose, the capabilities of fuzzy neural network and genetic algorithm were used to make the prediction. Parame terization scheme utilizing a on pimentional cloud model, monthly weather Review Fernando, C, kampis, G,and Eors, S, (2000). Evans, Peter (2001), "Development or plunder", translated by Abbas Zandbaf and Abbas Mokhber, Tehrab, Tarhe no Fang, Y (8 December 2008), China Getaway, Retrieved 23 March 2009, from China to Import Half Its Oil by 2010, Available at: http//

In this study, we tried to predict the minimum and maximum temperatures in the city of Khorramabad (using the variables of sunshine, and climate signals) are necessary. 1, 1-.72 Cadler, Kene (2005), "East Asia and the Middle East: a fateful Energy Embrace", The China and Eurasia Forum Quarterly, Volume 3, No 3, Winter. "Rural development of China by international comparisons", Proceedings of the Symposium on rural development strategies: in theory and practice, translated by Mostafa Mohajerani, Tehran Evans Peter and Rauch James (October 1999), "Bureaucracy and Growth", American Sociological Review, 64(5).

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