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These items were: soap, teabags, shoelaces and watches. Soap is made by mixing animal and vegetable oils or fats with lye dissolved in water.

We decided as a group to focus our exploration and research for our concepts project on ' This cover design above is a visual piece I have created in response to the project brief and our set topic of 'Shoelaces', this reflects my intial visual ideas in which we can gain some influence from and think about producing further within the project, with this I have made other drawings of other ideas in my sketch book.

As a team we decided to allocate areas of research to report back to the group, I am contributing for exploring the process of how shoelaces are mechanically manufactured on a large scale.

After discussing each sub topic we talked about plans to how we would implement each of these into our presentation for formative assessment.

Shoelaces Stories (Jahangir): We looked at a range of weird stories and articles about shoelaces causing negative and postive experiences for people and how it has affected thier lives in society.

Each character in the photo brings connatations of different feelings and moods in the picture, which sugguested a range of messages and stories that could be read upon the image.

The image has no title, but is from a series of photographs taken by photographer Alastair Thain.We had an initial group brainstorm gathering ideas of everday objects we could investigate our project with...Possible routes to explore from an From these we narrowed down potential pathways we could explore to 4 topics, we each chose one to briefly research individually and market to the rest of the group.Subcultures (Sophie): Shoelaces have been associated with youth gang culture and violence in Canada judged through different colours symbolising different gangs.It has been linked with a dress code conflict distinguishing the differences between French and American Canadians. - Selecting 5 of the most ineteresting stories from the website feed to use for presentation.

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