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If you are looking for a cheaper ink cartridge as a replacement, then please take a look at our compatible inks.We stock both remanufactured and compatible printer cartridges, both of which cost a fraction of branded ink, and we are happy to pass on the savings to you.Whatever you need – from brand-new printer cartridges to rare old ribbons – we have what you're looking for and at the cheapest price.

Unlike ink jet printers, laser printer ink is not in liquid form; rather the “ink” is actually a powdered concoction that works with the help of heat and a rolling drum within the printer.

There are a number of different industry abbreviations and naming conventions, and as an ink buyer it is important to understand them: OEM Cartridges: When you are looking for “original, branded” cartridges, chances are you are referring to the OEM.

The first step is to understand the difference between the two.

Simply put, Ink Cartridges are used only in inkjet printers.

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18 Calls are recorded and cost 36p per minute plus your phone company‘s ‘Access Charge’.

That means whether you need to stock up for an international office or just your home printer, you get a great deal every time.

You can also save more by signing up for our email newsletter.

To do so, you should abide by described below guidelines which can create a variation to your preferences.

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