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Our system may be precisely what you're looking for. It doesn't have to cost months of courtroom drama and thousands of dollars in legal fees. • You'll get detailed, easy-to-follow instructions that will take you through the entire divorce process.• You'll get completed divorce documents with easy to understand filing instructions and a guarantee of court acceptance or your money back.If the forms are not accepted due to the fault of Complete, we will make any changes requested by the court or judge (without charge), or a refund will be issued.

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We provide lightning fast access to your completed forms, including step by step, easy to understand filing instructions.

Though the average case takes only about 30 minutes, you will have access to your account for 30 days and may finish at your convenience.

All Complete prepared divorce forms are either mandated by, or accepted by your county and state.

All forms are legal, lawyer authored and will be accepted without question by your local courthouse.

The Temple was the universal center of spirituality, which the prophet Isaiah referred to as a "house for all nations." The service in the Holy Temple during the week of Sukkot featured a total of 70 bull offerings, corresponding to each of the 70 nations of the world.

In fact, the Talmud says if the Romans would have realized how much they were benefiting from the Temple, they never would have destroyed it!So you see, the Torah is for all humanity, no conversion necessary.As well, when King Solomon built the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, he specifically asked God to heed the prayer of non-Jews who come to the Temple (1-Kings -43).The media, courts and even family law attorneys soon recognized that our process is extremely beneficial for uncontested divorce cases.We keep courts from getting backed up with sloppy and incorrect paperwork and we save time and money for our customers.Since our inception we have prided ourselves on putting our customers first.

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