is preston sharp dating - Dating someone with borderline personality disorder

Because in BPD you are the center of a world that is wholly misshapen.

"I’ve been a pothead forever," he said in the interview. They told me there, they’re like, 'You might be bipolar,' and I was like, 'OK.' So they’re like, 'We’re gonna try you on these meds.' And then I got out [of rehab], and then I started smoking weed again — and I’m on meds."Davidson quit smoking marijuana in February and announced his sobriety on Instagram, but after suffering another breakdown months later, he went back to his doctors and found out that he had borderline personality disorder."I found out I have BPD, which is borderline personality disorder," he said. He was always saying before this big meltdown, 'You’re probably bipolar or borderline, we’re just going to have to figure it out.'"Borderline personality disorder, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, is a condition that causes a person to have difficulties regulating emotion. This has been the worst year of my life, getting diagnosed with this and trying to figure out how to learn with this and live with this."Though stigma on mental health problems has been steadily decreasing, borderline personality disorder isn't often discussed, and it's refreshing to see someone like Davidson shining a light on a mental illness that doesn't get as much exposure as more common disorders such as anxiety and depression.

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Phase 4: But a couple weeks of this and it’s already too late.

His cute little gestures produce only temporary bliss on my part.

Eventually, even the rage will succumb to it, and I’ll start looking for love again, desperately.

Even if it means dragging myself through the agonizing process of trial and error a hundred times over.

All I know is that anger is my underlying defense mechanism, and that’s not good. *weary shrug*Honestly though, sometimes I’m not even sure I want to “get better.” Sometimes I convince myself all I want to do is ghost everyone and hide in my house for the rest of my life.

That’s the thing about my BPD, though — I can’t hide from the loneliness.

In my efforts to keep him, I resolve never to be the first one to text him, to invite him to do something, to talk to him at all.

I test him, gage his behavior, wait for him to do or say something to convince me he still likes me (or the other way around).

No matter what he does, I’m officially positive that he’s going to leave, and it feels unbearable. I’m pleasant, bubbly, overbearingly validating — because that’s what I want from the relationship: validation, confidence, safety.

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