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Owner had me jerking myself off all weekend, I didn't even step outside, as you know.

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They know which pictures I liked to look at the most. I know you'll be reading this, and since you want me to be honest, so it shouldn't be hard to believe this is fucking crazy.

My owner says they're going to help me be a good gay boy.

Day 18: Dear Diary, The cock in today's video wasn't the biggest, but I think it was the best. But owner has kept their part of the bargain, so I guess I should continue keeping mine. That the men getting their cocks' sucked in the videos had hair, but the young men didn't.

It was thick, and very hard, you could clearly see the veins along the side. I was not eager to do this, but there I was rubbing creams and shaving in places I never had not even half an hour ago.

The angle had the camera looking down and capture the look of intense need in his eyes.

My favorite part was when the shot changed to capture his face and his own rock hard dick tenting his boxers, the tip showing it was wet, and that meant he was turned on. I don't want anyone to know, and writing this down is messed up. They weren't happy with the pictures, too much hair they said. Owner said everything from the neck down had to go.

Even writing this and remembering it makes me hard. ) and the wig on while I showed them how far I could swallow the dildo, showed I had the makings of a great sissy faggot.

I know this is kind of fucked up, but sometimes I just like to hold it.

But what's really starting to scare me is I'm looking forward to this.

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