Ethan and tiffany dating

“Remember that we have a test a week from Friday,” she cooed, slowly sliding the dark red satin sheets over her body just far enough to touch the curve of her rack. With my jeans pulled up halfway, I stumbled and caught myself on the backrest of the swivel chair in front of her desk. Hands braced on the pillow at either side of her head, I leaned down so she had to roll from her side onto her back. Lauren squinted at the bright sun scratching at her window above her bed. The book lay on the desk, pretty much untouched the entire afternoon.

“He asked me if I was interested in playing on his soccer team.” “Oh, Ethan, how wonderful!

” That was my mom being supportive, hoping Ethan would find a hobby outside his room—which, in the long run, would help him find a girlfriend, too. Then again, I’d never been interested in anything outside basketball activities, least of all something as boring as soccer.

At least that’s what I’d seen him doing for most of this fall.

The complete opposite of me, my identical twin wasn’t what one would call a social guy—at least not anymore.

Running through my morning routine—which was a quick shower, no breakfast, hunting for some clothes to wear that my twin brother didn’t own too, and begging him for a ride to school—I repeatedly went through the one line I’d learned by heart yesterday before going to sleep.

I was going to find Lauren before first period, and I was going to impress her. When Ethan let me out in front of school to find a parking spot around the corner, I ran into my friend and captain of the basketball team, Tyler Moss, who most people called T-Rex because he played one hell of an aggressive style. “Hey, Becks,” I said to her and slung my arm around her shoulders in a casual greeting as I walked along with them. ” The two girls were best friends, and I didn’t want to wait for fourth period to see Lauren in Spanish.When I’d finally managed, I climbed out of bed, finding my shirt and jeans on the parquet floor.Basketball practice on Monday was something I wouldn’t miss—not for any of the girls I occasionally hooked up with, and not for a smoking-hot Spanish lesson with Lauren either. Rolling my eyes, I skittered to a halt in the hallway, turned around, and headed back into her room.Mom had marked the day in her calendar in the kitchen. Mom wouldn’t let the topic go now that she knew there were actually girls on a team that Ethan might or might not join, but I didn’t get a chance to listen to their conversation. Since I’d finished my meal, I carried my plate to the sink and then answered the phone on the way back to my room. I saved all girls to my contacts list with a number from one to ten, which was a ranking of “doable” in my own books. After I hung up, I changed the 6 to a 5 and tossed my phone onto my bed. Honestly, studying alone wasn’t half as much fun as studying with a hot Thai girl on my lap. I closed my eyes and tried very hard not to dream in Spanish.Frankly, I couldn’t wait to kick some Clearwater High ass. Whether I managed that or not, I couldn’t tell, because when the alarm woke me in the morning, I didn’t remember any dreams at all.That changed when one of the guys started rumors about Ethan. At some point, it just got to be too much for Ethan to cope with.

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