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Whilst he enjoyed his burgeoning journalism career, citing the two years he’d worked for Reuters as some of the happiest in his life, it could not support the lifestyle he was accustomed to.

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After a year at the Tennerhof, Fleming moved on to Munich University and then to Geneva University to polish his German and French respectively.

Ian Fleming as a young man Ian Fleming had many girlfriends as a young man and began to acquire a reputation as a womaniser.

On 28th May 1908 Ian Lancaster Fleming was born in London to Valentine and Evelyn Fleming.

Ian’s father, Valentine, was the MP for Henley and the son of Scottish financier and philanthropist, Robert Fleming, whose hard work and talent for figures helped him rise up from lowly roots in Dundee to become one of the most successful merchant bankers of his day.

She decided to send him to Kitzbühel in Austria to improve his languages before sitting examinations for the Foreign Office.

Ian was sent to the Villa Tennerhof, which was run by Ernan Forbes Dennis and his wife, the celebrated author Phyllis Bottome who had a profound influence on Ian by encouraging him to use his imagination to write fiction.However, along with this liberal ethos came spartan conditions and regular beatings.Ian lamented in a letter to his mother, ‘I am afraid I do not like school very much. I’m afraid I have not made many friends, they are so dirty and unreverent.’ In mid-May 1917 Valentine’s squadron was called to an exposed post in the British Expeditionary Force’s frontline opposite the Hindenburg line, north of St. During the early morning of 20th May, the Germans opened a heavy bombardment and Valentine was hit by a shell and killed instantly.News of the tragedy reached the family mere days before Ian’s ninth birthday.Valentine’s good friend Winston Churchill wrote his obituary in , ‘He was most earnest and sincere in his desire to make things better for the great body of the people’.Ian settled in well at Reuters and in April 1933 he was sent to Moscow to cover the Metropolitan-Vickers trial, where six British engineers were found guilty of espionage and sabotage.

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