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The surgery began at 4am on Tuesday and involved paediatric surgeons, anaesthetists and orthopaedic surgeons, among others doctors.Seven of the hospital's operating theatres were shut down so the team could fully focus on the surgery.

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How could I, the bride, be doing all this in the first place? “My family is all here.” We had come on the morning flight from Delhi. “See, ma’am, we have set up a special desk for the Mehta-Gulati wedding,” Arijit said.

Suraj was the owner of Moonshine Events, the event manager we had appointed for the wedding.

Doctors have successfully separated conjoined twin boys in a marathon surgery that lasted 12 hours and involved 20 doctors.

Born on September 19 last year, Love and Prince Zalte, from Mumbai, were attached from the lower part of the chest and shared a liver, intestine, bladder and pelvis.

Dr Minnie Bodhanwala, CEO of the Bai Jerbai Wadia Hospital, where the procedure took place, said: 'At [the] tender age of one year and three months, Love and Prince underwent this complicated surgery and are currently stable in [the] paediatric intensive care unit.'They will be under observation for few days which will be followed by multiple surgeries to ensure they are healthy and fit to survive.'Although the procedure was a success, Dr Bodhanwala added: 'The most challenging part of the surgery was to provide skin to cover both the children.'Ms Zalte said: 'It is hard to express in words how happy I will be to hold my children in both my arms.' Love and Prince are the the third set of conjoined twins to be successfully separated at Wadia Hospital.

Conjoined twins are believed to occur in just one in every 200,000 live births.

Because like what often happens to me in life, here I am yet again in a situation where I don’t know what the fuck is going on. ” I said to Arijit Banerjee, the lobby manager of the Goa Marriott. ” she said, her volume loud enough to startle the rest of the reception staff.

The only thing I care about is how to get out of this mess. Other uncles and aunts occupied the remaining couches in the lobby – in a Mehta takeover of the Marriott. It signified: ‘Will you ever take initiative in life?

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