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Derived from the term 'block-up' or in plain English, stoned.A local game show here said that the official name of the at-sign is "amphora" taken from the name of a jar they used in the ancient medterranean to measure volume of things they would trade (where the @ symbol was supposedly first used).

In a far province somewhere in the Philippines, it is a symbol of sexual desire from their ancestors.

they believe that when they see the "@" sign, they need to have sex at once in front of people. One time when a "katutubo" (which means native) came in Manila, (a city in the Philippines, he saw a very big billboard with the "@" sign, and what the native did is he grabbed a lady crossing the street and took his clothes off and ruthlessly had sex with the lady.

During the past 4 months I have been an active member on e Harmony.

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THE OFFICIAL name is the "at" sign, from the same school of typographer's gobbledegook which gave us "octothorpe" (the #).

This naming predates the use of @ by electronic mail systems the world over, and sadly produces many ambiguities when mail addresses are dictated over the phone.If it wasn't just the "at" symbol I'm sure somebody would have told us by now.My favourite from the foreign versions is the Czech one meaning a rolled pickled herring.In Swedish, it is called snabel-a , ("a" with an elephant's trunk), or kanelbulle , the Swedish equivalent of the Chelsea bun.In German it is called Klammerraffe , (a clinging monkey) - presumably hanging from a tree by one arm.If someone asks you where you will be available or where you live, would you say, 'I live AT xyz'; or 'I live A WITH ELEPHANT'S TRUNK (or whatever is suggested above) xyz'?

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