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I really wanted to say hi to her and introduce myself but just couldn’t do it. She was slim and I could make out her tits was not that big. I was surprised she looked too young to be married.The next day it took the late slow train in the morning, but she was not there in her station. I must admit I like my women a little on the plump side; a little mass and handful. She must have been 24-25 that’s young for a girl in London to get married. Either she forgot to take it off or she must have something else on her mind.

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No one listens to a 6 month old song again and again. Must have walked for 2mins when she came walking from behind overtaking me.

Anyways as my way of saying yes baby I am getting your signal and I want to fuck you. I got up my seat as the train approached and looked at her nicely now. I could make out it was her my looking at her boots (during the train all I could see for the entire journey were her boots). I made a mental note to myself to remember this building.

If you have traveled in a Indian public transport you would have noticed that the majority of people love to talk. The most noise you can hear is from music leaking out of the headphones from your neighbor. In India if you travel with the same person in the bus by the second day you would have had a nice chat with them?

Talk to each other, talk to their maids on the phone, talk to the bus conductor, talk to the person sitting in the next bus or just moan about the conditions of road during the monsoon. Here even after 2 years traveling together in the same train sitting next to each other for 6months you would be lucky to exchange a smile.

During all this time I tried to get close to her physically.

Just so that she was comfortable with me entering her personal space.

In London office times and train times are pretty fixed.

Everyone leaves office and takes the same train everyday all their lives. Anyways evening I saw her sitting in the slow train – I literally jumped in and this time sat opposite to her. As I sat she looked at me with her big brown eyes and I stared back with a forced smile. During the entire journey this continued – looking back and forth we must have caught each other’s eyes at least 10 times. She was wearing a skirt with black tights, formal shirt and a loose jacket on top. She would not smile back no matter how hard I tried. Under all that clothing I noticed she was wearing a mangal sutra.

So this was day 2 in the evening and she was about to get down at her station.

She stood up and adjusted her skirt and jacket and held her name tag innocently, I could clearly saw her name, I smiled to myself like an evil bastard. She was there in Google circles, quickly sent her a polite hello.

I started tapping my finger on my knees as if I was enjoying the song as well. She was walking fast and crossed me, in my pervert head I smiled. The day went by, I was happy the entire day; partly hoping that maybe tomorrow I would be able to see her and hoping against hope that she fancies me too.

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