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Christmas escapades ensue, family visits occur, and the possibility of miracles. Something happened to Eric in Africa, and he never came back. Somehow they find each other and love finds them both. My guess is that it happened sooner, rather than later.

Therefore, Sam exists, but the thing with Fez doesn't. "So the truth is, you want to show off for the little bugger! Sometimes it takes people a while to accept things. A two year old and her damned Tangled phase, bringing them closer than ever before. After the battle the family is expanding, with weddings and babies. Severus Snape is a complicated man, but when it comes to protecting Harry Potter's life, there is nothing more simple than succeeding. I love you nothing could ever change that" REWRITE: SOMEDAYSort of Gilmore Girls meets Parent Trap with some Trory thrown in, but without the kids scheming to get their parents together.

"As the Gibbs family settle into life in Naples a discovery is made that completely changes not only Tony's world but Shannon's too, but how on earth is Mac involved? It took Harry Potter several years, fights, and births to accept two important relationships. In the end, it was always that damned song from that damned movie. They just needed that last push from the Disney Princess to realize it."She was supposed to graduate from college, get her career off the ground, find a husband, then maybe think about kids... But no baby was ever more anticipated than Baby Potter, especially by Ron. When Morgan double-books his schedule, he somehow manages to convince Reid to go to a club with him, Garcia, Prentiss, and JJ. they don't USUALLY blend well, but, this time, he's got Morgan with him. Rated T for some swears, some sexual innuendos, and the like. Jamie decides it's finally time to clean out the boxes of his brother Joe's possession stored in the attic of the family home. Will he find knew friends and be able to keep his own of will he be alone. When Severus finds himself caring for the boy after an attack, how will their relationship change? Could two people who detested each other in the past find hope and love in the present? Harry needs somewhere safe to escape the press and they would not dare to darken Snape's doorstep, so it seemed like the perfect place to go to ground. In this story Rory has a twin brother that she never knew existed, until they unexpectedly meet one day at Yale.

Gibbses, Tiva, Telly & maybe some other romances too! It's better to accept late than to never accept at all. Bella fights to leave her past behind, but will she be able to let love in? Now she sat on the bathroom floor holding a positive pregnancy test... She was still a baby." Nothing followed her plan anymore, but it surprisingly didn't matter now. What he finds in those boxes sets off a series of changes, both personal and professional. "I want to be the one to give you more." He enunciated every word. I know that we've never been as close as you have been with them, but things don't have to stay that way. Let me treat you how you deserve to be treated..." Reid/Penelope. Knowing from Sirius that he is now who he thought he is and that a death eater child is missing, Harry tries to use that knowladge to bargain for Cedric's life. And why is Draco Malfoy suddenly flirting with him? Snape-Harry mentorfic With graduation looming, Rory thinks about her future, realizes Logan isn't a part of it and calls an old friend for advice. (reposted and updated)She was the manager of a chain of stationary stores. It helped that he wants to spend time with the Potions Master and this was a good excuse. A slow developing love story between two men struggling with what life throws at them, creating a unique family along the way. FBI Analyst Penelope Garcia thought she was having a really bad day but SSA Dr. He nodded and I reached up and mopped the tears off of my face with the backside of my hand. " I wanted to kick myself, because of how pathetic I sounded.

This is the sequel to More than he dreamed of, you need to read that first. ONE SHOTMary Bennet changed after her humiliation at the Netherfield ball, folding in upon herself. AH M-rated for violence, content, language Twelve years have gone by since Paul and Bella walked away from La Push and reached for success. In the Season 2 episode, "Moonlighting", Jamie Reagan used his childhood skill for swallowing small objects to his advantage when leaving Johnny Tesla's boiler room operation. Seamus has gathered his old dorm mates for a night at the pub to make an announcement. Turning to the person who knows her best, she looks to Jess to help her figure out her life. It's a story of young love lost and maturity found. Lily Luna and Teddy Lupin get pulled back in time with their nephew/ godson Alex Potter, son of James Sirius to when Lily and James Potter first go into hiding in 1979 and they meet the Marauders. When a more studious Harry Potter entered Gringotts with Hagrid, the Goblins managed to talk to him privately - Dumbledore never saw that one coming. Warning: child abuse, character bashing, and pureblood society."Please don't go. NCIS AU fan fiction, starts at the end of Season 10 and wanders into AU territory mid-season 11. Spencer Reid surprises them both and turns her day from the worst to the best. "Did you really think that I would let you go through this alone? His arms were around me and I sank into them and enjoyed his embrace. Hogwarts is over and life is about to change, follow Lily, Scorpius and the others as they deal with new challenges, new responsibilities and new relationships while old relationships deepen and love grows stronger yet.

James and Albus have always given their sister a bucket of ice cream and Weasleys' Wheezes for Christmas, but now that she's grown up into the fourteen-year-old she is, they'll have to find a different, perfect gift.

The brothers will have to venture into the deadly realm of department stores only to find out that despite their sister's growing up, some things will never change.

FOURTH ONESHOT POSTED : Lizzie spends her time with her Aunt and Uncle as a child where she meets the one and only William Darcy. Two months after Christmas, Ron confronts Percy about a missing present. Their friendship had always been awkward and full of banters, yet it's possible they could also be each other's biggest support system. It's not until after a long day of thinking does her husband arrive home from work and give her the perfect idea. But every time I was near him I became the shy girl. Until one day, with the help of some good friends, it just clicked. The preacher just said "if anyone has any reason why these two should not be wed, SPEAK NOW or forever hold your peace" and suddenly all eyes are on me. His skin is cold, even inside the thick fleece of his NYPD jacket. The hand has been there for a while." Missing scenes (and major spoilers) for episode 3x11, "Front Page News."Edward Cullen, former Confederate soldier, begins a journey from his home in Tennessee, to that of his only living relative in Texas. Ron goes to investigate a noise during the night and finds his son hiding an unlikely friend in the garden shed *Conversation only, no description* A Companion Piece for Chapter 81 0f Just Between Us. The morning following the battle of Hogwarts is a strange one for Ginny. And where do Hermione and George play into this all? Lorelai and Luke who have been married for 3 years spend the night in Philly with Jess and Rory who've been dating for 3 years for a Philly-Based movie night. Rory is back in town for Christmas while on the campaign trail when she runs into Jess, in town on some secret mission with Luke. It's been three weeks since Aaron and Spencer got together... Meet orphan sisters, Bella and Alice Swan, as they journey to Chicago to meet their Aunt Esme, brazen, disowned sister of their mother. The day after Piper finds out about Chris, Paige decides to enlist Victor's help in getting them to talk to each other, while Piper asks Grams for help on what to do about the son she has been mistreating. Pairings HP/GW RW/HG NL/LL RL/NT AD/MM-I have fixed alot of the formatting issues, enjoy NO FLAMES PLEASE! Does Parker Booth have the power to uncover the Anthropologists motherly side or is she really as cold and aloof as she would have people believe? Bella has met Alice's brother once and he was a jerk.

Their instant friendship grows, but when he severs connections she is extremely hurt. Somehow this evolves into a fight more than twenty years in the making, with some unexpected confessions and bonding over past mistakes. Can be read alone or as a companion to "Odd One Out" and "Five Times That the Weasleys Missed Percy."What happens when you unexpectedly lose someone close to you? Bella is helping Charlie go through some old stuff in her attic. This story might make more sense if you read that one first! She watches her family - now changed forever - while desperately wanting to escape, to find her way back to Harry and the way that she felt with him. Jack tells Spencer something that shocks Spencer and explains just why his boyfriend wouldn't let him come when the bomb exploded on the latest case and Aaron has something to ask Spencer. A story about a very interesting article in Witch Weekly, Ginny's infamous temper, and George just making things worse. Episode Tag: Penelope Paper's, Devil's Triangle As you dance with the girl who shines in the dark, you feel you're suspended in midair, floating off the ground, defying gravity, weightless, limitless. Oneshot for the Second Person POV and the Poet's Pen competitions at HPFC. Better than it sounds."How long have you and Harry been dating? Ginny went rigid, like it would be a danger to move. So what the hell was taking Tony so long to make a move? Can history finally have something good in store for these two? And Spencer's morning goes from average to nerveracking! Aaron is excited about their sleepover planned for the night. Join Bella as she learns the true meaning of marriage and love.

Remus was down for the count, Peter was AWOL and the only person left was someone who actively described babies as salami with hair.

Too exhausted to see straight James risks his son's life putting it into his idiot best friend's hands, in order to finally get some sleep, with unexpected results.

In Season 4, Episode 10, Eddie Janko disclosed that Jamie Reagan is allergic to olives.

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