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Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE) is an i OS and Android application for smartphones and tablets and is rapidly growing in popularity.

MCPE Index is built to monitor and store information about each and every server and as a result we provide you with the best possible information.

Dear Lbsg Sorry to say AL dat"Ers are ruining our live nothing is safe you better give us a report command in lbsg I hate this feeling they are ruining everything and hackers probably may hack us I'm not making drama or flame war whatever is on you better give us that command I'm making this go away is spreading they are not gone they are still here I'm not hating on you lbsg you better make filler like you saw I well give you better filler to make it not shown anymore (123 for da,,,,,ters b,,f G,,,,f who wants ba......b....y) that's I hate those fillers are not showing make your server better I'm not kidding they are all spreading please Lbsg Livebout Dear Crezy Jet Once there was this guy flying and I teleported to deathmatch with him and he won. I bet if you were forced in that arena without your mods, you would be the first to die because your so used to having your hacks play for you. Besides, players don't like losing because YOU PEOPLE wouldn't consider the fact that others actually WANT to play fair! To Owner and Staff of the LBSG Network, please get rid of this feature, getting kicked after 15 minutes for idling, this server is too interesting and has too much secret areas! So I bought VIP on the lifeboat app for bounty hunter but when i login to the server I try to do something only VIPs can but it says I'm not VIP and don't get all the things the app says I can. I have been playing Capture The Flag for a pretty long time now.

I can't believe how careless lifeboat is about fly hackers and other types of hackers. There is a reason servers hate hackers, because you cheat. Now I'm ok with mods and all, just not when they are used in multiplayer! It blows my mind Now some of you may say 'But It's too time consuming to actually gather the materials! ' True, but think of all the ppl who worked hard to get those items! I just want to say that I have seen a lot of hackers.

If you dont like people doing this there will be a video on my youtubr channel: Lightning gamerx X showing you how to get off the island.

Complaint: Hackers, On hypixel when you hack you get kicked or banned, but in lbsg it allows people to hack, as such as creative mode and flying.Join Capture The Flag: net - 19132 Join Coming Soon: This gamemode isn't done yet silly!Life Boat team, please fix this glitch, in spleef, when the game starts, you start as a spectator, and everyone thinks your a fly hacker, I'm not a hacker, I'm innocent, I don't even know how to hack, can Life Boat please, fix this.U know that the username hasn't been taken when u join and it says please register this username. I tried getting out and joining back in the server, swiping off the app from my i Pad, and I even tried to turn off my i Pad and turned it back on. D: Lifeboat pplz there is a major problems on the server I think there has been a hack on the server instead of pplz being in the lb lobby we r in some sort of room/cave pplz are drowning and there is no way out its scaring some pplz all the chat says half the time is (persons user) drowned we r all in survival and can hit each other there is no commands plz help us !!! Also, I think you should do the same thing for CTF that you did with Survival Games.Sometimes when I'm playing, I get kicked out of the server. You know, with the lobby and then being able to click on the game you want. bb.I agree, lifeboat is like really bad for me and you. In the chat, - The server will restart in 5 - The server will restart in 4 - The server will restart in 3 - The server will restart in 2 - The server will restart in 1 And then the server kickes you and sais, Server is restarting. They add symbols like () to bypass the chat filter. I bet the hackers in real life would like lose and cry, but in Minecraft the server owners would try their best to ban them. This person had a too many items mod they flew up into a tree and gave themselves full diamond armour and a diamond sword and he killed us.

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