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I kind of feel like we should embrace working with insurance companies as a tool to build our practices and most folks are like, "" But I see the potential that's there.

It's the essence of your business, your products, your services, and your brand.

It's what motivates you, and more importantly, what motivates your customers to do business with you.

" - Mark Bosnian "I knew in my heart what my perspective was on how we should build private practices but I was really scared to put it out there.

It wasn't what my colleagues always thought was the best approach.

Smart devices generate a massive amount of Io T data that needs to be analyzed and leveraged in real time.

This is where predictive and Big Data analytics come into play.

Marisa has made that so clear that I actually feel much less overwhelmed by what I need to do to go forward. So that for me it's a good thing." - Lori West "Marisa's Message to Money LIVE was a truly inspiring event.

From the networking value, to the honing of our marketing & taglines, to practicing storytelling as part of our presentations, to punching up our web site impact, the weekend was filled with valuable and useful secrets, tips & techniques.

Cloud-based Io T platforms and architecture connect the real and virtual worlds.

They help companies manage Io T device connectivity and security – as well as collect device data, link devices to backend systems, ensure Io T interoperability, and build and run Io T applications.

Newsflash: they're busy fine tuning the stuff that REALLY doesn't matter.

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