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I am positive and open minded person, enjoyng the life as it comes day by day and still being curious towards future.

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This article on marriages and births is part of a pilot project implemented by Eurostat together with the Member States.

The aim of the pilot project is to better reply to user's needs by complementing the Eurostat article presenting data on an EU level with more detailed information on the same topic, but at national level.

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Luxembourg's Prime Minister Xavier Bettel (right) and his partner Gauthier Destenay, pose for a photograph following their low-key wedding ceremony.

Bettel has become the first gay EU leader to enter into a same-sex union Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel, who was among the guests at Bettel's wedding, said he had come for a 'mate's wedding', adding that it was a 'big moment' for his counterpart from the neighbouring country.'Luxembourg is giving the image of a country that is advanced on social issues.

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