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The sword rests in the crypt directly below the church, watched over by its previous owners.

After talking to Gideon, climb down the trapdoor in the same room, directly south of him.

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Make your way to the Temple and climb down the trap door just outside the entrance. When you climb down the ladder to the Temple, if you have lost or destroyed Silverlight, or used it to build a 'sword display' in a Quest Hall in your Player Owned House, another Silverlight will be given to you by Gideon Bede. This place is likely crawling with Denath's fanatics."You: "I've lost Silverlight..."Gideon Bede: "I know. This time, take better care of it." You must now fight your way past some cultists to reach the middle.

If you stand close enough to any of the monks, Gideon will attack them, and you will get the experience for the monks he kills.

Walk a bit north and you will see three spirits, each linked to an attribute: the Spirit of the Mind, the Spirit of the Body, and the Spirit of Faith.

Speak to any one of them about Silverlight, and they will tell you you have to pass three tests to prove yourself worthy of the sword. The Spirit of the Mind in the eastern room wants to test your focus on the job at hand.

After successfully passing the tests, talk to the spirits again.

They will congratulate you and break down the barrier to grant you access to Silverlight; you can now finally claim the sword from the altar.He taunts Gideon for not being able to stop him, before completing the ritual and teleporting away, leaving his cultists behind.Delrith appears at the spot of the now-burned book, ready to spread chaos over the city.If you run low on health during the fight and have no food, you may restore it by leaving and re-entering the arena.If you die and lose Silverlight while fighting Delrith, you may reclaim it from Gideon Bede in the catacombs. As you kill all of them in a room, a barrier vanishes, allowing you to pass into the next room.

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