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In our continuing efforts to improve this event, the organisers have The Witness as a Media Partner, Medihelp sharing the title and Clover handling logistics.We have also engaged the assistance of other role players to assist us in improving sponsorships and activities.

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We therefore cannot accept married brothers and sisters to our Society. We assume that the informations you provide to us, regarding your identity, are absolutely truthful.

We trust that you will use this service in good faith and never harm any of our members in any way (Refer to 1st Corinthian, 13:4-7) Should you have any questions or need technical support regarding this site, please use our online CONTACT FORM!

This is open to runners and walkers and has a generous 2 hour 30 minute limit.

To give you something different, we have added two trail runs.

These details can be obtained from an online search of SA Media, or by using the Keyword List and the Cuttings Index housed with the microfiche collection.

Also issued on microfilm from British Library Reference Division, Reprographic Service, Library of Congress, Photoduplication Service, and National Film Board.

A whole weekend of running and entertainment festivities. Now both Mum and Dad can enjoy and achieve together and the kids will be there to share your day. Early bird 10km entrants will also receive T-shirts as will trail athletes.

By kind support of LIBERTY MIDLANDS MALL, EL SOMBRERO SPUR and PINKDRIVE, we are, again, providing a KIDZONE for both Saturday 24 February. Additional T-shirts will be available for sale after the event.

ACQN: aq 94010480 Daily (except Sunday) Per vendor ltr.

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