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“I forgot to check the voltage of the charger” was his explanation.

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I was deep in the middle of a project, so didn’t pay too much attention to what was going on, but I do recall seeing my boss take the charger that one guy handed to him, compare the connector with the port on his phone, and satisfied, took the charger into his office.

About ten minutes later, the boss came back into our office area and sheepishly informed us that the charger had completely fried his phone.

The general assumption by many people was that if the connector fit perfectly into the phone’s power jack, then it should be sufficient to charge the phone. In the best of cases, the charger simply wouldn’t do anything.

In the worst, it would fry the phone’s circuits and damage it permanently. However, there are still some important things you should keep in mind when you’re looking for a quick, temporary charger to get your phone or tablet’s battery charge back up.

To show why this matters, take a look at the diagram below. I’ve taken the liberty of creating my own symbols to make visualizing what’s going on a little easier.

Picture the “Amps” circle as a sort of a power generator that only works as hard as it has to in order to provide the amount of “energy” that your device needs at any given moment.

This is the main difference between voltage and current in chargers.

When that rating label shows a voltage that’s higher than the phone’s rating, it’s going to provide that voltage no matter what – and you’re going to destroy the device.

The reality is that a standard USB on a laptop is approximately 0.5 amps max.

So, many devices will actually use up the same (or more) charge than the USB port can supply, never charging the battery at all.

However, when that rating shows an amperage that higher than the phone’s rating, nothing is going to go wrong.

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