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She had been widowed several years earlier by a drunk driver, leaving her with an 8-year old daughter to raise on her own. I took out a length of broomstick I had cut and steered her over to a spot about three feet from the wall. Im going to give you an instruction that is manifestly impossible to do. But I do expect you to sweat bullets trying to do it anyhow. I put one spring clothespin on one nipple, far enough on to grab the metal of the nipple-ring inside the teat. The really hard part is making sure I dont falter yet again in pleasing him during the ordeal. My hand steals down between my thighs, and I begin the last of my preparations, taking myself from my usual short fuse condition to hair trigger status. I mean, here Fate deals me such a prince of a guy, and I keep disappointing him. Ive never wanted anything as much as I want to be with him, to be his little toy, to drain his balls, to see his face light up with pleasure when I finally get something right, but I feel this chance slipping through my fingers. Go hunting at State, and bring me a girl that we can train together. I had to sign up for classes, get books, meet professors.

She stood up to the challenge, and did her best after her own lights, which is as much as anyone can ask of a parent. Fifteen minutes later, I yank it off, and switch to the other nip. Now the first nip, already bruised, gets revisited. He likes it when I have to struggle not to come the moment he enters me, to have to wait for his countdown. I had learned something this summer, because my mouth was saying Yes, My Lord. while my brain was saying See, toldyaso, hes looking for a replacement! Just do has the side effect of killing any ability to spend time uselessly worrying. And think up an answer to the question from my friends from last year: What did you DO to yourself?! A tidal wave of work in the new subjects, that began to recede as new concepts began to make sense.

If youre looking for a stroke story, this probably isnt it. I need to know that his pleasure matters to me where it hurts. Chapter 19: Sunrise Services Allie: Several days passed, they way the do in his house. I neatly folded the mat and the thin blanket, and pushed them and the tiny pillow under the foot of his bed. I thought, great, now Ive been promoted to bicycle. I didnt know it at the time, but his flight had been delayed. I could feel that the insides of my thighs were slick as I walked. I got a juice drink (Im still technically underage for alcohol), and went to look at the gardens. Little did they know what explosive material they were playing with. Our hosts patio had been cleared as a kind of dance floor, and of course I was asked to dance. That caused the dress to ride up and bare my thigh to the hip, but somehow I knew I was pleasing him, and I was beyond caring what anyone else thought. But weve all seen that the elastic neckline of the peasant blouse tends to make it creep up around the wearers neck, as does any motion if the wearer raises her arm. As I stood in the doorway, she was in profile to me, unaware of my presence.

It concerns the lengthy seduction of a stepdaughter by her stepfather. The lips attacked again, and once again took me to the edge of the cliff before leaving me, tears running out under the hood, frantically humping air. Maybe a couple of minutes passed, and suddenly a cock drove into my cunt Jack! I went into some other dimension, and like my abstract drawing, I was nothing but glands and hormones when I lost consciousness. I took her down, unbound her, rolled her in the cloak, and carried her to bed. She shivered and snuggled into my armpit, her arms around my waist. Good girls, girls that dont try to be too smart, get lovely cummie-cums. There were a few tears, but they were tears of joy. I mean, if I dont start to get this right, he can sell me to a pimp in Chicago. The whole jolt in this high-wire act is that theres no net to catch me. Of course, there was a certain amount of caressing, or groping, if you prefer. I made sure that I praised her looks, her intelligence, her eagerness to please, every time I screwed her in some stairwell or janitors closet or alley. Jack: She already had some new blouses, and I funded a renovation of her informal dresses, too. I really should go out and find him the girl he deserves. My gut turns into a ball of lead and I curl up around it. So his pleasure is really a life-or-death thing for me. Jack: As summer came to a close, I reminded her that her anniversary was coming up. I asked her what she wanted for an anniversary present, thinking she might want some jewelry or such.

The phenomenon of false memory is real, and there is a real article in Scientific American on the subject (Scientific American September, 1997, volume 277, number 3, pages 70-75). Her tits rose another impossible inch, and her whole posture fell into line. driving the air from my lungs, and I exploded, on and on. Jack: I had watched the whole hen-party on closed-circuit TV. I felt like giving her a treat (slaves dont /earn/ anything but punishment), so I let her sleep in the bed next to me, ankle chained to the bedpost. You think if he did that, I should say no, run to the cops? When I gave myself to him in the ceremony, there were no excepts, no up to but not includings, no within reason clauses. Attention and approval are all we live for, the reason we exist. I pretended that I didnt realize what was going on until it became blatant, when I primly moved the offending hand to neutral territory. Finally, I saw Jack out of the corner of my eye, lounging at the back of the crowd with an unreadable expression on his face. And she never hesitated an instant when I motioned for her to lift her skirt or drop to her knees. Its bad enough being top-heavy, bent over, holding the little purse with one hand, holding myself off the grimy wall with the other hand. The heels were actually functional, not merely decorative and painful: their job was to achieve propinquity. I experimented with different heels until I got the altitude of my perineum when I was bent over exactly to match the altitude of his groin when standing erect. My favorite was built on the model of the peasant blouse. Some nights its a good thing Im chained to the bed, otherwise Id go and flush myself down the toilet. She got all dreamy-eyed, and said, If it please you, may I call you My Lord? I couldnt think of a better way to rebuild her self-esteem than by giving her something really hard to do, but something that she could succeed at if she really tried.

And I could guess the cause: she was approaching the end of her junior year of high school, and she wanted to date. I dont know how many times I struck, but her rump glowed by the time I was unable to continue. With the tears still streaming, she wiped her nose on her wrist, looked at me for a moment through swimming eyes, then shuffled as best she could to the indicated corner of the room and pressed her nose firmly into the plaster. For example, to have that hunky guy in your senior physics class ask you out, he has to notice you, and think maybe youll be worth his time, more than the girls hes been dating for several years. If they dont think theyre going to get what theyre looking for, youll wind up sitting at home on Friday nights, and again, youd have accomplished nothing by switching schools. Not just a first date, but something ongoing, a relationship? She looked up, for the first time in several minutes. It will take a lot of time, a lot of energy, and a lot of focus on your part and mine, and it will involve a fair amount of discomfort from time to time, both physical discomfort and embarrassment, because youll be learning to do new things youve never done before, and before you can make progress youll need to get over some of the nonsense that the good Sisters have been pouring into your head. As much as she wanted out of Saint Virginia, they and their kind had built her entire belief system for her whole life. A man such as myself could accomplish much in three months. She mulled it over for a long time, maybe three seconds. And there was this worrisome note about discomfort. By using what youve got to best advantage, and not hiding it in a teenage slouch. Thats the general idea, and you can do much better with training. And remember, this has to be something you do without thinking, a part of how you carry yourself, without even realizing it, whether you think someone is looking at you or not. We spend 20 minutes on those poses until I was sure she had learned them. Youll do those poses every morning and afternoon for five minutes. With that as a basis, the next exercises will be a little easier. Were concerned with both sitting and standing posture, and well start with standing. She had to learn that there was nothing I could demand of her that she couldnt make worse by hesitating. The monologue was predictable: Jack is your savior, how could you be so ungrateful, hes given you a roof over your head, he asks so little, what a wonderful man, etc.

Her hormones were undeniably active, witness her enchanting growth, and I suspected that she felt that after her senior year, shed be an old maid. Frankly, I stopped because the squirming she was doing over my lap would have made me come in my pants with one more strike, which would not have helped the image I was working on. I swear that I could have turned off the lights and read a newspaper by the light given off by that glowing ass. What have the good Sisters taught you about attracting male attention? Suppose its the end of the first date, and he tries to French kiss youif you flinch and giggle, the word will be all over school in 30 seconds: Allison Kennedy is a baby, dont waste your time. At the other end of the problem, lets assume that you develop the skills need to get a boy interested in you, and yes, I mean sexually interested. For which, youve got to be better at those skills than the next girl. But if, by the end of the summer, you demonstrate to me that youve learned all the essential skills, Ill switch your registration to Central High and youll have permission to date, if you still want to. Well begin with a little yoga, for which you are not appropriately dressed. She had to learn what took me too long to learn: that this wasnt a tradeoff between obedience OR punishment, between compliance OR pain. Unroll several yards of guilt-trip and trim it to fit.

A line from Guns of Navarone, by Alistair Mac Lean. Long after I wrote this, I realized that much of the training theme was inspired by Owning Mother and Daughter by Pedro Vila. Now that youve started to think about posture, look at the models. Uh, oh I see, theyre all holding their elbows back. I want you to pull your elbows back, as though you were trying to make them touch behind your back. If he wakes early, before I am in position, I will have failed the first task of the day. He doesnt consider it a point worthy of discipline, but I do; its enough that I know that Ive missed an opportunity to please him, and I cant bear it. Allie: Night after night, I lie on the mat at the foot of his bed, tears running down my face. She was waiting for, eager for, hungry for an order, any order. I want to reassure that you have mastered the skill I put before you at the beginning of the summer, and that I have no current plan to dispose of you.

Other influences will be obvious to those who spend too much time reading this sort of thing. Chapter 1: The Perils of Prevarication Jane Adams was my first wife, and I was her second husband. Right, so we have the third exercise, to strengthen the muscles of your upper back, and to reinforce the dog tilt posture of the upper spine. Now, Ill slide this broomstick horizontally behind your backhold it there with the crook of your elbows. Over the weeks Ive come up with a punishment I use on myself, diabolical in its simplicity. But this time, I make it to the side of the bed before he stirs. If he doesnt cuff my hands behind me, I silently pound the carpet with my little fists in self-loathing and frustration. Allie: And then he said, I want you to get yourself a sister.

Training Allie part 1, revised and extended [1/2] Training Allie was originally posted as Allie. This story is an exploration of the question: why would any woman consent to persist in a relationship that, by any standard, would be considered abusive? She was again sweating lightly from the exertion, even though she was motionless. Dont change your position, and tell me about your sensations. I suppose it was a good thing that Id done the conference calls with Jack, because three pussies later (I could tell by the taste), twice over, my jaw and tongue were running out of endurance. Jack folded me in his arms to hold me up, and the world went away. Several centuries later, I realized that the music had stopped. Jack peeled me off of his chest, and led me on rubbery legs to the side of the dance floor. They knew theyd just seen something special, but they couldnt figure out what. We got some odd looks whenever she raced ahead to hold a door open for me.

There are many possible answers, each of which could be the basis for other stories. Introduction to Chapters 1-11: This fantasy has been living in my head for a year, and it was time to let it out so maybe it would stop bothering me. Finally, they dragged me to my feet, wobbly, backed me up to the post, refastened my bonds, strapped my neck to the post. The /Maitre d/s were flustered when she pulled out my chair to seat me before she took her own chair in the restaurants. You dont help your case when you look like Death Warmed Over in the morning.

In time, Allison accepted me as Father, Version 2.0, and called me daddy, and no, it didnt give me any special charge. Think of your pelvis as a bowl of spaghetti: if you tip it, all the contents run to the front and try to flow over the edge. I had to set things up so that she viewed that outcome as by far the most desirable from a field of miserable alternatives. The day came when she arrived in my cube in the counseling center with her grey slip from State in hand: Thanks, but youre outta here. She was looking at her assimilated life going down the toilets that shed be cleaning as a maid from now on. I had pried her away from all of her support systems, her family, her friends. If she failed to please me, I withheld my favors, and she was desperate, because the outside world was a cold, dark, and unwelcoming place.

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