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The first known record of the saint's life comes from the medical writings of Aëtius Amidenus, where he is recorded as helping with ...

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His father was Felix Guzman, and was the royal warden ...

continue reading Saint Blaise was the bishop of Sebastea and a doctor.

Calling upon Christ for aid, the Romans were victorious. continue reading For over four centuries, a historical and iconic miraculous statue of Jesus Christ carrying his Cross has become an emblem of passion, struggle and faith for Filipino Catholics.

Manila, Philippines (CNA) - The life-size statue of Jesus is enshrined in the famous minor ...

Recognizing the deception, Juliana cried out, "Lord God of heaven and earth, do not desert me, nor permit your handmaid to perish." She vanquished the tempter, who admitted to her that the devils particularly suffer when Christians attend Mass.

Saint Juliana has traditionally been invoked for the safe delivery of women in labor and for protection from fever and contagious diseases.

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It is nonetheless likely that the essential facts of her martyrdom are reliably preserved in the text.

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