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In this case, this Colonel was removed from the jury.

In addition, a group of female Victim Advocates came to court every day and sat in the front row, in an apparent show of force.

In other words, the victims were telling the truth.

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Because NCIS wants convictions, regardless of the the truth, they ignored key evidence and failed to collect evidence that proved our client’s innocence. The NCIS agent was exposed as incompetent and corrupt.

The Article 32 officer determined that our client was innocent of rape. He then launched a personal vendetta against our client, contacted his civilian employer and tried to get our client fired by claiming he was a rapist.

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The expert told the jury that when victims lie repeatedly, that means they are telling the truth.

When a victim changes major details of her story, that means she is telling the truth.When a victim embellishes her story, that means she is telling the truth. The defense was not allowed to discuss the past relationships of the alleged victims, including their relationships with the accused.The jury never got to hear the full truth because it was “too prejudicial.” The defense showed that the Government witnesses had motive to lie, they had lied repeatedly in the past, and their allegations were false.Please contact us with any questions or for clarification.Client was accused of mishandling SECRET documents in Iraq and allegedly trying to smuggle the documents out of the FOB, back to the US. Waddington fought this case at a Show Cause Board with attorney CPT Rheanna Felton.A Summary Court does not give the client a criminal record. Basically, the female officer cheated on her husband with our client and lied to cover up the affair.

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