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as a mother having sex with your daughter is unheard off but watching it is a turn on does that make me a bad person ?God forgive me I masturbated while watching the video. Mark your calendars follow @Oschool Live for live streams of pleasure ed you can tune into on your phone.

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The idea for sprung directly from Barrica's personal experiences.

Raised by Filipino immigrant parents in a Catholic household, Barrica didn't begin earnestly exploring her sexuality as a queer woman until just a few years ago.

The Cabarrus County School Board is voting on a new optional sex survey for Middle School Students tonight. A new study says, your kids’ sex education needs to be more graphic… The study found that part of the reason was because of easy access to internet porn.

The first survey was pulled after parents said it was too graphic. Researchers say 8 in 10 parents say their teens have phones…

Viewers can also tip the "pleasure professional" who teaches their course. PT, will feature Barrica talking about the importance of pleasure and sex education in the wake of #Me Too, the viral campaign that prompted women around the world to share their experiences with sexual harassment and assault.

She loathes the narrative that the "most [women] can ever hope for is not to be assaulted." While Barrica wants to be for anyone who feels out of touch with any aspect of their sexuality, she's particularly hopeful that women, LGBTQ people, and people of color will find refuge in the platform, which is moderated by humans — not an algorithm.

They will have the power to ban or mute viewers who violate's community guidelines, which include no tolerance for racism, sexism, transphobia, and other types of bias and bigotry.

At the same time, moderators will work to "call in" viewers who may not know or understand how to use inclusive language when talking about different identities.

She was disappointed in what the internet, with its "heteronormative" articles on how to give a better blow job, had to offer.

"What if you’re queer and grew up in a religious household? "None of the resources spoke to what I was looking for." It wasn't until Barrica started attending in-person workshops with sex educators in safe spaces that she felt knowledgable and empowered.

Summit Academy released a statement Monday: 'The administration at Summit Academy was made aware of an inappropriate relationship between a teacher and a student and it was immediately reported to the state police.

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