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It's not until the prospects start riding alongside the ATF prison vehicle holding some of the Sons and pressing the horns that we discover that the whole thing was a bluff.

We are then shown Gemma reading a letter from Jax, apologising for dragging her into the bluff, and that the Sons will be doing short time due to Stahl arranging it.

Most of the money is counterfeit, aside from the $250k borrowed from Stahl, the same money used for Tara's ransom.

However, by the time the Russians realise this, the Sons are pretty far down the road with Jimmy, who has been transferred to Tara's car before the ATF could get their hands on him.

“NS,” the final episode of season 3 of Sons of Anarchy, concluded with an elaborate switcheroo: a deftly handled, elaborate long con that upended expectations and reversed our perception of events startlingly.

And I’m not talking about The elaborate deception engineered by Jax and SAMCRO, which ended with vengeance killings for both Jimmy O and Agent Stahl, along with the gang punking the Russians and getting the charges against its members reduced to three years (with a shot at parole after 14 months), was pretty well disguised and pulled off, at least in that I did not see it coming.

Just as well that the whole thing was a triple bluff.

Following the arrest, the Sons who were absent from the clubhouse, Opie, Piney, Chibbs, and Kozik, arrange for Unser to send some false intel to the ATF that there is a gang planning to ambush them.

So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.

Bohaterami serialu są członkowie rodziny powiązani ze środowiskiem motocyklistów.

The finale to the season was pretty much everything I could have hoped for.

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