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You’re not the first aspiring Black business owner who daydreamed of serving Black consumers. The primary reason is that African-American consumers don’t want to see visibly Black-owned businesses succeed.They don’t want to—and for the most part won’t— patronize visibly Black-owned businesses.

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, said, “The trick for introverts is to honour their styles instead of allowing themselves to be swept up by prevailing norms.” Will introverts ever rule the world? People tend to gravitate toward passionate, entertaining, big personalities – the great salesperson, say, as opposed to the genius accountant.

My experience, however, suggests that the corporate world increasingly values the quiet power that comes with being an introvert.

But I knew I wanted more responsibility and that meant challenging myself, even if that put me in tricky situations.

Demonstrating willingness - a very desirable skill in employees - helped, too.

Not only am I an introvert, but I’m a people pleaser: I feel motivated and rewarded when I make people happy.

Thus, by nature, I hate delivering bad news or disappointing anyone.

I've developed a wide range of techniques and skills to avoid confrontation.

This tendency came into focus for me in a previous role, where I had to make decisions that, inevitably, made people unhappy.

Now it’s up to us to further develop and nurture it.

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