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I'm curious to see how Uglify and Closure compare today in terms of features, ease of use, and run time performance of compiled code.I have previously blogged about the importance of serving your users web pages with speedy load times.I often use the Google Page Speed plugin to check the performance of my websites, as it provides handy tips to improve the overall performance and page load times.

To do this, expand the properties folder in your Solution Explorer, then expand the Publish Profiles folder.

If you have previously deployed an application using the Publish Web feature in Visual Studio, you will notice that there is a file in this folder.

Besides compressing the output file, Closure also: removes dead code inlines functions and variables when it determines it'd be best to do so type checking For more information on the entire Closure tools, see https://

v=M3u Wx-fhj Uc Over the years, tools like Webpack and Uglify seem to have made Closure tools less interesting because of all the extra stuff you need to use Closure in advanced mode.

By simply minifying the HTML, I managed to save around 20% off the original file size - awesome!

This might not be the case with every file that you minify, but it can certainly make a difference on larger HTML files.On Kwissle I'm using Google Closure Compiler to minify all Javascript files.It's fine but because it's java and because I'm running this on a struggling EC2 micro instance the CPU goes up to 99% for about 10 seconds when it does the closure compilation. So, I threw Uglify JS into the mix and instead of replacing the Closure compiler I added it so it runs alongside but I obviously only keep one of the outputs.This is potentially important because after all, minification process happens only once per revision of the original file but might be served hundreds or millions of times.Because I run my minifications on-the-fly it does matter to me that Uglify JS is 1220% faster.Yes, writing better code and documenting it with JSdocs takes more time than writing a freehand prototype, but anything you plan to maintain (read, everything you plan to use continuously, not a couple of times as an injected script) would strongly benefit from the documentation and type checking of your further additions.

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