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If you have multiple Apple IDs that you use with i Cloud, you might be logged in to i Cloud for Windows with a different account than you are on your other devices.

To check, open i Cloud for Windows and compare it with your other devices.

If you need help with your Calendar, Contacts and Reminders with i Cloud for Windows, try these steps.

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Replacing the root folder can possibly cause the loss of saved emails in the account.

Visit your Account Settings, then Advanced for the mail account that you are having trouble with.

You need to set up an @email address before you can use i Cloud Mail.

If you didn't set up an i Cloud Mail account at the same time as i Cloud, the Mail option in your i Cloud for Windows account might be grayed out.

Whenever any syncing issues are experienced, it is to update your Outlook Mail app and Windows 10.

At times, such issues are addressed in the cumulative updates that are rolled out by Microsoft hence make sure that you have all the latest version of the OS and the Mail app installed.

I disabled the only show subscribed folders and both problems were fixed.

THANK YOUwe have facing outlook 2013 mails not coming my system after close outlook & restart oulook mails comes please help me how to resolve this issue can you suggest me how to find out this issue OS WINDOWS 8.1 64BITAlso check under the advanced settings, what the period of time to keep Mail offline has been set to.

Finally, you may want to check if your security software is in any way blocking the syncing from taking place.

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There are a few ways to resolve the issue: One option is to remove the recent update that has been pushed out by Microsoft to Outlook 2013 and Office 365 users.

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