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This version will not run well under Windows 98 or Windows Me, and probably cannot be installed under Windows NT, 2000, or XP.

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Updating windows 98 to windows xp

For example, if you have an HP Laser Jet 2200, install the Windows printer driver for the HP Laser Jet III, and select that driver in WPWin 5.x.

WPWin 5.x apparently cannot use the Windows drivers of some newer printers and produces an error message when you try to print; if you have an HP-compatible laser printer, you may be able to work around this problem by choosing a Windows driver for an older HP Laser Jet model like the HP Laser Jet III; or, if this is not a workable solution with your printer, choose the Post Script Windows printer driver, print to a file, and adapt this site's method of printing to any Windows printer to send the resulting output file to your printer. To open the program in a window, use Macro/Record, name the macro something like Start WPW, and record the following keystrokes: Alt-Spacebar, then R (for Restore). In the desktop icon or Start Menu item for WPWin, add this new macro to the command line as a startup switch, like this: c:\wpwin\/m-Start WPW See the explanation elsewhere on this page for customizing a Windows desktop icon or Start Menu item.

WPWin 5.x will not run if Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 is installed. You may or may not be able to uninstall Service Pack 3 by going to the Windows Control Panel and using Add/Remove Programs; if you cannot uninstall Service Pack 3, you will need to reinstall Windows 2000 and apply only Service Packs 1 and 2.

When installing WPWin 5.x under Windows 95 or later, accept the default options under Display Drivers, or choose only VGA; do not choose "Install all resolutions." If WPWin 5.x displays the error message "Cannot find WPWPVGA.

Under Windows XP, you may or may not get slightly better results by modifying the program's desktop icon or Start Menu (as described elsewhere on this page) and choosing the Windows 95 setting in the Compatibility tab.

Word Perfect for Windows 6.1 was included in Novell Perfect Office 3.0, Corel Word Perfect Suite for Windows 3.1x, and Corel Professional Office for Windows 3.1x.

For answers to other questions about Windows versions of Word Perfect, please post a request one of the forums at Word Perfect Universe.

If I knew anything more about these programs, I would have included the information here. Dan knows Perfect Script extremely well because he invented it and maintains it.) These versions work moderately well under Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, and XP, but I do not recommend using them under any version of Windows other than Windows 3.1x.

You will probably find the original version in the directory C:\Office\Wpwin\Template\Calendar, but it might be somewhere else if you did not select the default directory when you installed the program.

Note: Much of the information listed below is also presented on this thread in the Word Perfect Universe forums.

For extensive, authoritative information about Perfect Script, the macro language used by all versions of Word Perfect for Windows, consult J. If you insist on using them, be aware of the following problems, not all of which have solutions.

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