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“Some of the men on the site have been in abusive relationships, have gone through unfair divorces—they’ve just been savaged by the system.

I won’t tell them to stop being angry.” He thinks the rage expressed on his site is a natural and harmless reaction to young men’s uncertain place in modern society.

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This is now, increasingly, a movement of Angry Young Men. At 56, he launched in 2008 to raise awareness about under-reported male issues including domestic violence, suicide and child custody.

It wasn’t long, however, before he found that the primary men’s rights demographic was young, unmarried men between the ages of 18-24.

” says he doesn’t “get a rise out of offending people,” but admits anger is the only thing that’s driving the conversation forward.

Far from encouraging violence, Elam says that being able to talk about being angry at women, hating women and even beating women on sites like provides a lot of hurt men the ability to vent emotionally in a supportive environment, so they don’t have to express their anger physically.

“During his life, he was always silenced, so I think this was one last, desperate attempt to be heard.” And he was heard.

As soon as the details of Silverman’s death were released by Calgary police, the news began to travel swiftly through the Internet.

Salon, the Huffington Post and The Atlantic Wire published articles about Earl Silverman. Some writers commiserated with Silverman’s troubled life, some discussed abuse against men, but the loudest voices belonged to those looking for someone to blame.

In response to the rhetoric coming from men’s rights groups, Salon writer Mary Elizabeth Williams wrote an article entitled, “Feminism didn’t kill men’s rights advocate Earl Silverman,” where she sympathized with Silverman’s plight, but called into question the statistics used to measure violence against men.

On April 27 his body was found, along with a four-page suicide note—in which he allegedly blamed the federal and provincial governments for indifference toward the suffering of men.

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